The Brown Book – Beyond Remediation

The potential held in the country’s brownfield sites has never been more valued both economically and socially.

These hidden spaces and forgotten places; legacies of Britain’s former industrial life provide the potential to create millions of new homes and businesses for this and future generations. And to do so in a way that helps enhance both the natural and built environment for people and wildlife.

A rapidly growing and increasingly urbanised population means that the demand for new development is only going to increase and if we fail to realise the potential of our brownfield sites, we will expedite the wide spread loss of our green fields, wild flower meadows and natural wetland environments amongst other valuable natural habitats and species.

We believe in working beyond remediation, taking the most challenging, problematic and contaminated sites imaginable and restoring them both for the protection of our existing green fields and to help create a brighter future for the next generation.

This prospectus highlights the services we have provided and projects we have successfully delivered with so many wonderful partners and clients. It also marks the next chapter in our strategy to push the boundaries of remediation, maximising the value of every site and challenging what is possible in achieving environment and societal net-gain.

We hope this prospectus will inform and inspire discussions and debates about the potential for your sites now and into the future.

Sanctus Brown Book