Ground Treatment, Soil Stabilisation and Cut/Fill Works

Client / Harworth Estates
Site / Plot A6, Logistics North
Value / £1.3m
Timescale / 6 months


Sanctus were selected by Harworth Estates to carry out the Cut/Fill works and ground treatment of their site at the wider Logistics North development in Bolton. The area was subject to historic open cast mining works; backfill of which was considered unsuitable for the intended build purpose. Sanctus were tasked with the ground treatment and improvement to allow for future construction.

The works package included;

  • Ground treatment design and regulatory approval
  • Vegetation Strip and Removal
  • Cut/Fill Works
  • HEIC (High Energy Impact Compaction) Treatment of ground materials
  • Surcharge treatment of 1950’s opencast backfill footprints
  • Dewatering and water treatment
  • Soil Stabilisation and moisture conditioning
  • Haul/transit road construction
  • Offsite transiting of circa. 80,000m3 of materials
  • Construction of a split level piling mat
  • Geotechnical and performance validation of all placed materials
  • Validation and verification reporting.