Fire Damaged Waste Facility

Client / Canal & River Trust
Site / Streamline Building, Sharpness Docks
Value / £10k
Timescale / 1 week


Sanctus were called upon to assist with a fire damaged composting facility in Sharpness Docks due to our industry leading knowledge of waste classification and treatment/disposal options.

A fire had destroyed the warehouse which had been used as a composting facility for roadside collection recycling wastes.

As a result of the fire the asbestos roof had collapsed and fallen into the stockpiled composting materials resulting in a hazardous waste with very high organic content. Such wastes cannot be landfilled as they do not meet the required Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC).

Despite rigorous attempts to extinguish the smouldering waste by the Fire Brigade, over a 3 month period, the waste could not be fully extinguished due to access restrictions and the nature of material. The Local Authority and Environment Agency were under increasing pressure to find a solution due to odour nuisance complaints. Sanctus were called to a meeting to meet all stakeholders and come up with an innovative solution, just 3 days later we were onsite assisting the Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS) and had the piles fully extinguished within 2 weeks of our first involvement.

Sanctus’ solution was to utilise a remote operated excavator to turn over the smouldering wastes whilst GFRS were in attendance to extinguish the core of the stockpiles which were red hot.

Sanctus further utilised the remote excavator to obtain samples of waste materials in condemned areas of the warehouse where personnel access was prohibited. The waste samples were analysed for a wide suite of metals, hydrocarbons, asbestos, organic content and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP’s) to support a Problematic Waste Stream application to the Environment Agency.

Sanctus have subsequently provided advice and proposals for a full demolition and waste removal contract.